Who is Stingy Southern Girl?


I’m Patti Podnar, and I caught the writing bug early. I remember being in second grade and getting in trouble because I got so caught up in the story I was writing that I completely forgot to use my spelling words. (I think I still have that story somewhere; I know it involved a dragon with lemondrops for scales.) That was my first lesson in the importance of staying on task.

I learned that lesson well and honed it through journalism school. I followed it up with a 12-year career in corporate communications with a Fortune 500 company. My projects there included: company magazines, executive speeches, instructional manuals, video scripts and instructional design. My specialty was figuring out what company executives were really trying to say and writing it so clearly and concisely that it could not be misunderstood. These discussions were one of my favorite parts of the job. Often, by the end of the meeting, we concluded that what the executive really wanted to say was quite different than what he or she originally described. Even though I eventually progressed to editing and management, I always kept that niche active.

Life took a sharp turn when I had three babies in under three years. I’ve now been a stay-at-home mom for more than a decade. But they’re finally all in school, and I’m excited to be relaunching my writing career as a freelancer.

Please contact me at podnar98@att.net if there is anything I can do to help you or your business.




4 thoughts on “Who is Stingy Southern Girl?

    1. podnar98@att.net Post author

      That’s so cool! I’m glad to be in touch with you.

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