Salvaging a yucky, rainy, downright stormy, no-good Halloween

By | October 29, 2013

What happens when The Great Pumpkin gets cranky? He sends rain for Halloween. And not just rain. Torrential rain, accompanied by thunder, lightning, and severe weather alerts. At least that’s the forecast for my neck of the woods. So let’s talk how to salvage a Halloween that would otherwise be ruined by a rampaging Great Pumpkin.

Stay at home
If you usually trick-or-treat with a group of friends, just invite them over. It’s actually a great way to have a Halloween party without all the work and stress of planning it. Everybody can wear their costumes and bring the candy they were going to hand out to the neighborhood kids. Some ideas:

  • Steal an idea from Easter and hide candy all over the house. Just make sure you know where all of it is, or any undiscovered stashes might attract hungry critters of the non-human variety!
  • For older kids, try Halloween Mad-Libs! My kids love Mad-Libs, so we’ll be doing this whether it rains or not.
  • Have a costume relay: The kids have to run across the room, don a costume, run back, and take it off for the next kid to put on.
  • Have a costume free-for-all: Put all of the costumes in a pile in the middle of the floor. At the whistle, the kids go put on whatever individual pieces they can get their hands on. Take pictures, and have the kids vote!
  • Host a Halloween makeover: Don’t let all of that ghoulish makeup go to waste. Throw a tablecloth over the kitchen table, and let the kids have at it. Award prizes (all that extra candy, of course) for the scariest, silliest, etc.
  • Make a last-minute haunted house. If you have a basement, attic, bonus room, etc., that’s rarely used (and therefore a little creepy), throw together a makeshift haunted house. It doesn’t take much to make a dark and stormy Halloween even spookier. Dig those Furbies out of the closet and set them up behind boxes, furniture, etc. Actually, any toy that lights up or makes noise when it senses motion should do the trick.

While hardly anybody has a basement around here, we have one of the only houses in our neighborhood with a crawl space. After years of my husband complaining about a musty smell, we finally had it sealed last year. We had always talked about using it as a storm shelter, but even once it was all sealed and clean, I didn’t relish the thought of running around the house in a tornado to get to the entrance. So my husband built me a secret hatch in an unused cabinet, complete with a ladder. I haven’t run it by him yet, but what an awesome place for a haunted house! Heck, we’ll probably all end up down there anyway if the forecast is right.

Go trick-or-treating anyway
I’m not really considering this option, because we’re supposed to have strong storms, not just rain. But if it’s just a little snow or rain, take a few safety precautions and go anyway. Carry flashlights, use plenty of reflective clothing to make sure the kids can be seen, hand out sturdy bags that won’t fall apart if they get wet, and supervise, supervise, supervise…from the car, if necessary.

Find a church or community event
Normally, trunk-or-treat events and other alternatives to the traditional Halloween aren’t my thing. But they’re better than bored, crying kids. Some places hold them early, but there are usually a few up and running Halloween night. I’ve included a list at the end of this post for Memphis-area moms, but it should be easy to find information on the ones in your area.

So…take a deep breath and repeat after me: Neither rain, nor sleet, nor severe storms will stop Halloween! Do what moms do best: hide your own disappointment and adapt!

Memphis-area festivities for Halloween night (please call and verify!):

Calvary Church
Thursday, October 31st 6:30-8:00 pm
1851 Houston Levee Rd.
Cordova, TN 38016

First Assembly Memphis Trunk or Treat
Thursday, October 31st 6-8:30pm
Inflatables, Costume Contest, Lots of Candy, Concessions & Music
8650 walnut grove road
Cordova, tn 38018

Germantown Baptist Church Annual Pumpkin Party
Wenesday, October 31st 5:30pm-8pm
GBC Faith Building
9450 Poplar Ave
Germantown, TN 38139
Admission: A bag of individually wrapped candy lets you in on all the fun!
(no gum or hard candy please)
Lots of FREE games, rides, inflatables, hot dogs, popcorn, drinks, Germantown firetrucks, face painting, family photo booth, magic shows, great door prizes & much more!

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