Operation Underground Railroad: an amazing group of vets protecting our most vulnerable children

By | November 12, 2013

I wish I had heard about this yesterday. It would have made a great Veterans Day story. But it’s no less powerful today. It’s not a pretty story; it’s about the sexual enslavement of children. Did you know that, worldwide, there are 2 million children entrapped in sexual slavery? And don’t think it doesn’t happen here. Thousands of children each year are sold into and out of the U.S. It could be happening in your own neighborhood.

But this is also a story about a group of men who are making it their mission to rescue these children. Who saw a video of a 5-year-old boy being raped and decided they had had enough. They’re former CIA agents, FBI agents, Navy SEALs, and Green Berets. They know how to use technology to locate they people they’re looking for. They’re experts in extraction. They can go places the U.S. government can’t and have worked with governments all over the world to break up these sex rings, rescue the children, and get them to a place of safety where they can recover.

I’m just blown away by the honor and courage of these men. As a mom, I’m grateful that there people out there risking everything to protect kids who aren’t their own. They’re my new superheroes.

(While they do need funding, I am not asking you to donateā€¦at least not on my recommendation. If this sounds like something you’d like to support, please do your own research and make your own decisions.)

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