Ideas for Halloween candy, part 2…

By | November 1, 2013

Being stingy does have its privileges, because I just had a stroke of genius (if I do say so myself). I just filched every bit of chocolate candy out of my kids’ stash and stuck it in the freezer. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wanted to make a cookie or cake recipe that called for chopped-up candy bars. We never had them, and I was always too lazy (and stingy!) to make a special store run. Well, let me tell you…I’m set for a year. Candy bar cakes, candy bar cookies, candy bars to disguise cakes that taste great but look ugly, candy bars to hide the cracks in otherwise-perfect cheesecakes…I feel like a whole new world of recipes just opened up. And if you bake frequently, you know that chocolate has gotten expensive, so this could be a huge cost cutter. Once I detox from all the sugar I ate yesterday, I’m going to get busy baking!

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