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By | October 26, 2013

Life has a way of taking you places you never expected. Back when I was doing corporate communications for a Fortune 500 company, I thought I’d be a career girl forever. I worked a ridiculous number of hours, and my job was a huge part of my identity. Then I got married (to a wonderful man, by the way). Then I got pregnant and quit to be a stay-at-home mom. Then I had two more babies, for a total of three in under three years (yes, I do know what causes that!).

The next few years were a total blur. Even when my youngest started kindergarten, my days seemed to disappear in the chores of daily life. Now I’m finally caught up enough to start writing again, and I’m absolutely loving it! But I’m a mom first, and I’m still figuring out how to do it all.

No matter what phase of the SAHM life you’re in, I know what it’s like. I know what it’s like to feel blessed to be able to stay home with your babies. But I also know about the days when the only thing you accomplish is making it through the day. I know how a baby’s cold can totally devastate you, because you desperately needed the adult conversation of your play group. I know that you probably spend a lot of evenings at the kitchen table trying to make the finances work.

My goal for this blog is to help you make the SAHM gig work for you and your family. We’ll talk about money-saving tips, sanity-saving tips, and everything in between. Hang in there with me while I get it going; I might have to stop and wipe a nose or two!


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