Fun and easy Christmas craft

By | December 10, 2013

I plan on writing a whole post on apps and crafts that will get our kids in the Christmas spirit (and keep them busy while you do other things). But the countdown to carpool line has begun, so I’ll just tell you about one we did this weekend:

What you need

  • Glass ornaments, either clear or frosted
  • Paint pens (make sure they’re meant to be used on glass)
  • Something to protect the work surface

What to do

Set your kids up and let them have a blast. Depending on the age of your kids, it may require some supervision, but it doesn’t require direct participation…unless you just want to. Which I did.

Want to see?



This one is actually from last year, but since it involves straight pins, foam balls, and sequins, it does require adult supervision. And a willingness to pick sequins off the floor for the next 6 months. Despite the drawbacks, the kids had so much fun with it that I might let them do it again this year.


What special crafts do you do with your kids? We all need ideas, so please share!


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