Disappointed with your outsourced content? Here’s your culprit.

Outsourcing your content creation can be a pain in the neck. Finding a good content writer who has availability, fits your budget, and doesn’t miss deadlines is no easy task. The kicker is that sometimes, even if you find a content creator who meets those criteria and follows your instructions to the letter, you still feel a… Read More »

More content marketing heresy: Does video content really rule them all?

Saying something over and over doesn’t make it true. However, when you’re constantly hearing the same thing over and over with little to no rebuttal, you may start to assume it’s true — simply accepting it as fact without doing any research or critical thinking. And content marketing is no different. Here’s an example: Whether… Read More »

Editors and marketing managers: Your content writer’s success starts with you

For years now, I’ve described the internet as an all-you-can-eat buffet for content writers — meaning that there’s enough work out there for as many writers as want to partake. Unfortunately, the reverse is true, too. There are soooo many freelance writers looking for work, and, as far as work quality goes, they range from fried spam to reverse-seared… Read More »

Memphis, Gone with the Wind, and content marketing gone wrong

Disclaimer: I have spoken to no one at the Orpheum and have no insights other than what’s been reported in the media. There are almost certainly details I don’t know. In addition, this post is in no way intended as a political statement. My intention is to approach it from the perspective of PR and… Read More »

Crisis management in social media and content marketing

I spent much of yesterday caught up in Apocaclipse 2017 (even though the clouds made it impossible to see much of anything). At one point, I posted to Facebook that I had heard “Don’t look at it!” so many times I was starting to have flashbacks of that scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark… Read More »